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Member Benefits

Royal Buying Group is the perfect place for independent retailers to maximize their profits! Royal Buying Group has a team of category managers that negotiates and tracks the best vendor and rebate programs with top national vendors throughout the country on behalf of the RBG national chain membership. Additional membership benefits include the following:

Automatic Accrual Rebates

RBG negotiates the accrual rebate programs usually only offered to large chains, tracks store purchases, bills and collects the earned rebates and pays their members on a quarterly basis.

Contracted Programs and Placement Programs

National placement and shelving programs negotiated on an annual basis with the potential of earning thousands of marketing dollars.

Monthly Promotions and Programs

RBG communicates monthly promotions and special pricing or programs via email on a monthly basis. You will receive emails that will tell you in detail what promotions and programs are available. You will have the ability to sign up on promotions, placement programs, contracts, or place orders for specific products.

Monthly Shipper Push Out and New Product Push Out Programs 

RBG offers monthly shipper and new product push outs to a select group of retailers. These push outs provide our members with shippers, displays and new product sku's from our vendor partners. These displays and new products will help to grow your incremental sales and create excitement in your store. 

Quarterly Rebate Checks

You will receive a rebate check every quarter with the rebates that you have earned from our vendor partners. These checks will be mailed to you and a detailed check summary will be attached to all checks describing which vendor programs were paid out. 

National Tobacco Program

RBG is partnered with the major tobacco companies to provide a value add program for our members. The RBG Tobacco Program provide tobacco category management, representation of all three major tobacco companies, pricing assistance, tracking and processing of tobacco rebates, and education on the tobacco industry, contract changes and price promotions. 

Coffee Programs

RBG is partnered with different coffee companies to provide excellent coffee programs to our members. Each coffee program offers quarterly rebates as well as eye catching coffee stations for your store. 

Equipment & Service Companies

RBG is partnered with a wide variety of equipment and service companies. These companies offer special pricing or discounts to our members for any equipment or services that are needed in your store. 

Complete Category Management

RBG's management team uses the data we receive on our members stores to provide data reports that will help in making sure our members are carrying the right product mix and planogramming their sets in the most effective way. 

Account Representatives

Each member will have their very own account representative who calls on their members on a monthly basis. They are responsible for customer service, and educating you on all the different programs and promotions that we offer! 

Opportunities to Maximize Sales, Profitability and Reduce Administrative Costs




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