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Trane/Fellon McCord

Trane/Fellon McCord

Equipment & Services

For stores located in deregulated states, we are pleased to offer our clients Trane Energy Choice (TEC). TEC has the resources needed to reduce your energy cost by applying expertise in the power markets, securing the best pricing and contract terms from its large network of suppliers, and delivering on-going market intelligence and consultation. There is no upfront cost to participants!

States currently deregulated for electricity include:

  • Maine                                  
  • New Hampshire              
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island                     
  • Connecticut                       
  • New York
  • New Jersey                       
  • Maryland                            
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania                    
  • District of Columbia        
  • Ohio
  • Michigan                             
  • Illinois                                  
  • Texas
  • California                            
  • Oregon

Energy Procurement.  No matter how large or small, TEC has a solution to lower your overall cost for energy by leveraging our expertise and large network of energy suppliers. We implement a competitive procurements process to assure your clients get the best price

 What TEC needs from you.

  1. Copies of the last 3-6 months’ worth of utility/suppliers invoices.
  2. Copies of any current contracts, if any, with suppliers.


What TEC will do for you.

  1. TEC will perform an initial review of your stores to determine what energy supply options are available for your stores.
  2. TEC will confirm which of your stores are eligible for retail choice and if there is an opportunity to save money and/or eliminate price risk.


If you determine to move forward with the TEC program, we would require a signed Letter of Exclusive Authorization that will allow us to run a competitive RFP for power supply.  This will ensure you are receiving the best possible supply cost.

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